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As a young professional, working mom, busy college student, or a woman on a mission to get her life together, have you ever wished you could just stop dieting and still reach all your goals?


You know, drop the calorie counting, get rid of the workouts you hate, finally eat bread again, and STILL lose weight, love your body, feel good in your skin, and FEEL healthy?!

Instead, maybe you're a little fearful of what *might* happen if you allow yourself to eat what you actually wanted. Or maybe you're not convinced that a non-diet approach actually works. Or maybe you are just focusing on your short-term diet so you can experience quick results. 

Whatever the case, I'm sure you've tried essentially everything:

  • You've done WW, Keto, Paleo, Beach Body, Low Carb, MyFitnessPal, etc., etc.

  • You have tried all the gym memberships, workout classes, running programs, and fitness challenges and have hated most of them and haven't stuck with the others

  • You've listened to the podcasts, read the books, and taken the tips of your favorite social media influencers

If you've done all those things PLUS SOME, and you're still not getting the results you want or you feel DRAINED by that lifestyle...




The Well Fed Academy has been designed to walk you through all silos of your health, from mindset to nutrition to sleep, as you learn how to best invest in yourself and achieve your health and wellness goals.


Learn the ins and outs of fundamental components of wellness and leave equipped with all the tools you need to truly live a well fed life, totally free of diets, restriction, self-hate, and a battle with food and exercise.


With weekly modules, live Q&A, resources leaked every week, and a community of other amazing women, The Well Fed Academy is the program that has the power to change your life.


This is program is for you if you are ready to take your life back from diets and negative body image, if you're ready to truly live a completely healthy life.





nutritionist, health coach, and future RD

I have been in your shoes. I've felt confused, obsessed, overwhelmed, frustrated, and desperate. All the things. That's why I created this program.

You see, I had it all wrong. I was so focused on fixing my body and micromanaging my food, that I never once realized one VERY important thing:

My body and my food were not the problem nor were they the solution. 

So then what?

Well, that's when I learned that I had to take an entirely different approach to health. I began searching for freedom. And when I found it, I knew I had to share the process.

The Well Fed Academy is designed with love and expertise to help you find food freedom and body confidence so that you can truly thrive in your health and wellness. 

Come join me, friend. It's an incredible ride.

a peak inside

→ 12 weeks of modules


→ weekly LIVE labs and Q&A

→ comprehensive and interactive Academy workbook

→ private support group of amazing women

→ recipes, workouts, journal prompts, and body image activities

→ fridge and pantry audit

→ two 1:1 coaching calls with Katey

→ educational resources, guides, and templates

→ LIFETIME access to your membership portal and all information

→ Ongoing support post-program

what we will cover

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Who is TWFA for?

The Well Fed Academy is for any woman looking to revamp her health, increase her quality of life, ditch diets, love her body, and gain a more comprehensive understanding of how to best take care of her body. In TWFA we believe that being well fed goes far beyond delicious meals. To truly be well fed, we must address all areas of our life in order to achieve optimal balance and happiness.

Programs and plans haven't worked for me in the past. How do I know this will?

Here's the thing. You won't be handed meal plans, strict rules, calorie restrictions, or points to track. No hard core workouts that you'll hate. In TWFA we equip you with all of the necessary knowledge so that YOU can decide what it looks like to best serve your body.

Healthy is subjective, and a woman's health is multifaceted. We want to put the power back in your hands so that you can call the shots on how you fuel your body.

What is the time commitment each week?

Although the structure of the program is outlined over 12-weeks, it is an entirely self-paced commitment. Spend as little or as much time as you need during any given week. You will have lifetime access to your cohort group, so the support and accountability never ends!

What is the program curriculum?

Throughout this program, we work through goal setting, mindset, body image, nutrition, intuitive eating, physical activity, sleep, stress, and habit implementation.

What kind of results should I expect?

The results heavily depend on you. I will give you all of the tools you need to be successful as you take care of your body and prioritize health. It is important to remember that our approach here is non-diet, non-restrictive, and all about freedom. Mindset is key here. Give what you want to get!

Will I lose weight?

TWFA is not a weight loss program. Weight loss is not, nor will ever be, the main goal or top priority. I believe that health far surpasses weight loss, and it is impossible to pursue a healthy relationship with food AND the desire to lose weight at the same time. Be kind and patient with your body as you get to know it a little better throughout the next 90 days.

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