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Why Restriction Isn't Working For You

Wanna know what hurts your progress the most?


>fast nutrition info



Food rules are like a bag of potato chips. You’re so excited about them at first, only to get into it and be disappointed because the bag is half empty (seriously, they never fill those things all the way up - such wasted space).

Adhering to food rules will ALWAYS ALWAYS disappoint you. Why? Because they don’t work and they make you miserable.

What would happen if you let go of all the food rules you have. Like absolutely threw them out the window?

Maybe for you it’s no eating before 12pm.

Maybe it’s no carbs.

Maybe it’s 6 small meals a day.

Seriously, what would happen if you broke all the rules?

Okay, okay, I’ll tell you….




Decreased cravings


Weight maintenance

Increased energy


Need I go on?

We are shackled by false nutrition info and we’re missing out on nutrients. The secret to a healthy diet is NOT food rules. It actually has nothing to do with eliminating anything, and everything to do with ADDING.

When we restrict foods or calories, here’s what happens:

  1. You are more likely to overeat because of feelings of deprivation

  2. You could experience social withdrawal due to strict food rules

  3. You are potentially cutting out nutrients your body NEEDS

  4. Your metabolism can be negatively impacted

  5. You are hypersensitive to “off-limit foods”

  6. You feel unnecessary feelings of guilt and frustration

  7. You are unlikely to maintain this way of eating for an extended period of time

You don't need restriction to be healthy!

When you focus on ADDING and balance, here’s what happens:

You can eat guilt-free

You don’t feel anxious around sweets

You are way less likely to overeat

You can maintain this way of eating

You consume a variety of different foods

You are able to serve your body WELL and meet its needs

You are better able to maintain a healthy weight

Yes, this concept may seem crazy to you right now. I get that. But once you experience this kind of freedom, you will never look back.

So I ask, what restrictions do you have around food? What’s one restriction you can let go of?

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