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why nontoxic products are important for our health

Updated: May 5, 2020

Every woman loves a good beauty product. From cleansers to make up to hair care to moisturizers, most women use on average 12 products per day (although, I'm pretty positive I use way more). This means we are exposed to every single ingredient in those products at least once every day. Now that can either be good or it can be bad.

Unfortunately, several products we use actually contain harmful ingredients. The chemicals and toxins lurking in our products at home can potentially have adverse effects on our health, whether that be rashes and skin irritation, allergic reactions, or in more severe cases, disease, illness and cancer. 

Scientific studies are continually linking particular ingredients in our beauty and cleaning products to these negative (and potentially harmful) health effects due to their poisonous or toxic properties.

You may be wondering why or how these ingredients are lurking in our beauty routine - It's because the beauty and personal care industry is virtually unregulated, so manufacturers are technically allowed to use untested chemicals and ingredients in their products. Pretty messed up, right?

Now, I'm not suggesting you throw everything you have away, start from scratch and order several expensive, clean replacements. That's just not practical (or necessary). But I DO want to encourage you to start paying attention to some of the ingredients in your products as you make future purchases. 

Navigating nontoxic products can be overwhelming and confusing, so here are some tips for you:

1. Choose products free of dyes and fragrances.

2. Avoid products that contain: parabens sulfate phthalates aluminum sodium lauryl sulfate DEA & TEA formaldehyde oxybenzone

3. Read the ingredient label! Check to see what is actually in the product you are using. 

4. Be wary of products that claim they are natural - That doesn't necessarily mean nontoxic!

Taking care of our bodies is EXTREMELY important - I mean, we only get one! And it doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Here are a few of my fave nontoxic, clean brands that you can find at your local store!

Tom's of Main

Burt's Bees (select products)

Shea Moisture

Dr. Bonner's

Alba Botanica (select products)

Seventh Generation

Physician's Formula (select products)

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