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Why I Don't Believe in Health Kicks

I want to start by telling you one very, very important thing:

Your life's mission is not to lose weight.

Life is not meant to be this constant fight for a small waist and 6-pack abs. Your worth isn't defined by how many green plants you eat and how many cookies you don't eat.

Have you ever been on a so-called health kick? I have. And my one and only mission on those health kicks was to lose weight. Get skinny. Restrict foods. Go to the gym every single day.

Have you ever gotten off track with your health kick? How did it feel?

For me, it included a lot of self-hate, criticism, guilt, shame, and sadness. I felt that I had failed. I wasn't good enough. I couldn't muster out any positive affirmations for myself.

Those health kicks are a life-taker. It sucks the liveliness right out of you.


Because none of it is sustainable. Those new habits we're trying to implement during our health kicks are not lasting habits that benefit our bodies in the long run. So we get burnt out because we are trying to live in a way that we aren't meant to thrive.

The pursuit of perfection and ultimate health through fad diets, unrealistic physical goals, unsustainable exercise routines and comparison to others is not a true healthy way to live.

Which is why health kicks do more harm than good.

Find balance in all you do and learn to love yourself no matter where you are on your journey.

Try these affirmations to start:

1. My friends and family love me for who I am

2. I don't have to put this much pressure on myself

3. I've got really great hair

4. Other people's thoughts do not determine my worth

5. I am made perfectly in His image

6. I have so much to be grateful for

7. I'm beautiful from the inside out

8. The world needs the person I was created to be

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