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No Equipment Lower Body Workout

Show your lower body some love with these bodyweight movements.

Whether you are new to working out or it's been a part of your routine for years, this 30-minute lower body circuit is for anyone!

All you need is half an hour, a timer, and a good playlist!

Workout Directions

Set your timer for 8 minutes. Complete circuit 1 as many times as you can in those 8 minutes. Take a one minute rest. Reset timer to 8 minutes. Complete circuit 2 as many times as you can in 8 minutes. Take a one minute rest. Then repeat circuit one and two.


15 jump squats

15 regular squats

24 lunges (12 each side)

30 high-knees


16 x-jumps

10 snap jumps

24 side lunges (12 each side)

15 plie squats

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