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my road to entrepreneurship

I never thought I’d be taking the leap into entrepreneurship at the age of 24. Or at all, honestly. I went to college and got a pretty little degree in a safe and thriving job field. I then found myself at a desk job, working 8-5, and making a steady income. I was going through the motions, taking all the steps, using my degree, and feeling extremely unsatisfied. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed some of what I did on a daily basis, and I know that we all go through “slumps” in our job. What kept eating at me, though, was that I knew that I was being called to something greater. I went to work every day knowing that this wasn’t it for me. So, I did what I thought I should do in order to get to where I wanted to be - I went back to school.

While I was working my day job, I began school online to chase after a career in an industry that I am truly obsessed with - health and nutrition. My program was a year long, and I studied and took tests and classes at night and on weekends. When I graduated, I started taking baby steps to build a business, knowing that the end goal was to launch it and go completely full-time with self-employment. So, since January 2019, I have been planning, strategizing, researching, building, praying, crying over, and piecing together what is now Katey Gordon Health.

I am so stinking excited to begin this new adventure. I’m excited to empower others to change their lives, live healthier and become their best self. I am excited to help bridge the gap in health education. I’m excited to provide a solution for those struggling with disordered eating or toxic eating habits. I’m excited to begin what I feel called and led to do.

I ask that you come on this journey with me - whether through prayer and encouragement, on-boarding as a client or reaching out with a specific need. I’m here to help, to serve and to make a change.

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