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How to Come Back from a Spiral of Negative Self-Talk

We've all been there - Stuck in this trap of self-criticism that is incredibly powerful as it abusively shapes our perception of ourselves and negatively impacts our recognition of our own self worth. As much as we try to think or believe otherwise, it is seemingly impossible to claw ourselves out of such a deception.

I talk to clients regularly about managing self-talk and dictating that voice inside of our heads with a dialogue that is constructive and uplifting. It's an ongoing process, really - A practice that we work to turn into a habit, and a habit we work to improve.

And although the process isn't necessarily a walk in the park, it a process so worth diving into. Because what we believe about ourselves, we internalize. And what we internalize, we perceive as truth. And that truth can determine our behaviors, actions, and words.

So what should you do if you catch yourself in a spiral of negative self-talk?

Start here:

  1. Acknowledge that the thought is there The first step to any resolution is acknowledging the issue at hand. Be honest with yourself and recognize the negativity and hurtful thoughts rather than sit with them or accept them.

  2. Decipher fact from fiction From that negative thought, pick it apart. Ask yourself if there is legitimately any truth to that statement. Is it mostly false? Would anyone agree with the thought floating through your mind? Bring things into focus and weigh it against reality.

  3. Let go of the lies Whatever false information or lies that you've acknowledged, let them go. Let go of the "I'm not good enough" statements and the "I need to be thinner" statements and the "I can't do this" statements. Those are all lies.

  4. Reframe the thought Tell yourself good things! Remind yourself how wonderful and awesome you are! Reframe those thoughts into something that is going to positively impact you.

And above all else, be patient with yourself. Understand that you are on a journey toward loving yourself well. Thank your body for what it does and embrace the process!

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