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Food Psychology: A Brief Rundown of How Our Food Choices Are Affected

Have you ever found yourself at lunch with your girlfriends, and you're eyeing the bacon cheeseburger on the menu, but everyone else orders a salad - So you inevitably follow suit to avoid judgement?

Have you ever stopped while scrolling through social media to look at a post about a new diet that you want to try so that you can achieve your ‘ideal’ body image?

Does stress, mood, or temperament affect the way you feel about yourself and(or) food?

If you have found yourself in any of these situations, were your food choices affected by your circumstances?

FOOD CHOICE is related directly to your attitudes, beliefs, and feelings towards food.

This means that your selection of food results from factors based on various social, emotional, historical, biological, and psychological factors.

And this isn't a bad thing...

Unless we forget the GOAL of FOOD.

FOOD is meant to:





  • HEAL

Sometimes our psychological thoughts and emotions get in the way of understanding the goals of food and its multiple purposes for our lives.

This is our brain's way of seeking comfort, control, distraction, or convenience through food, rather than nourishment, energy, healing, or satisfaction.

So how do we ensure that our food choices are SERVING us and are positively impacted by psychological, emotional, AND behavioral patterns?

It requires the CHOICE to get out of your head and listen to your body.

We can do this through understanding how our thoughts control our actions.

The first way to do this is listen to your body so you can know your body:

Are you kind to yourself, or do you often find yourself being your biggest critic?

This is your SELF-TALK Pattern.

Self-Talk Patterns are the way you talk to yourself, your internal dialogue, that affects confidence, self-worth, and happiness. Self-Talk is influenced by information, beliefs, values, experiences, and expectations.

What we tell ourselves we: internalize, believe, and act upon.

You are your biggest critic.

Now, you may be asking how we find freedom in food and food choice.

The first way is to, take CAPTIVE of the negative self-defeating patterns in your life and learn to LOVE and APPRECIATE yourself for who YOU ARE!

When we do this, we are equipping ourselves to better take care of our bodies through food choice because we aren't burdened by negative or insecure thoughts.

We tell our clients often - Give yourself grace, let go of the lies, ignore the social influences. GET the BURGER! Do things that make you happy, feel loved, and strong. Do not let the manipulation of social media manipulate your choices and feelings, love yourself for who you are and where you are at.

Second, we need to be CONFIDENT in ourselves.

Confidence is a feeling of trusting one’s abilities, qualities, and judgements.

You are ABLE and QUALIFIED to make JUDGEMENTS on what your body needs.

Make the choice to be CONFIDENT in yourself and your JUDGMENT on food choice; Listen to your body to confidently make food choices that are physically and mentally nourishing for you.

You are not in this alone. We are on your team and here to help you get your voice back! We could talk all day about this, so send us a message and let's chat!


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