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Exercise - FEEL the Difference

Here's a question:

Do you exercise out of obligation or appreciation?

Your perception of exercise heavily dictates the effectiveness of it. Have you every thought about it in that way?

Ask yourself if you're exercising to increase your overall health or if you're exercising solely for the purpose of losing weight or you feel like you "have to."

Do you enjoy it or do you dread it?

I want to challenge you to shift your mindset when it comes to exercise from a physical focus to an internal focus.

Because if you FEEL good, then you look good.

Here's what I mean:

The intended purpose of exercise is to increase overall health and longevity and prevent disease. There are multiple types of movement that have different positive effects on your body.

The 4 main types of movement are strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance.


Strength exercises build muscle and strengthens bones by increasing muscle tissue mass and the number of mitochondria that create energy in the body. Strength workouts include bodyweight exercises, lifting weights, and focusing on muscle tension.


Flexibility movement increases your body's range of motion, enhances posture, and improves breathing. This is particularly important for those that sit most of the day. This type of movement can be done through stretching, yoga, and other forms of gentle movement.


Endurance exercise focuses on the cardiovascular system. It improves blood flow and strengthens the lungs while also building lung capacity. Engaging in endurance training looks like walking, running, cycling, swimming, etc.


Movement focused on balance improves the body's ability to maintain equilibrium. A slow yoga flow, core exercises, and stability training are great ways to incorporate balance-focused movement.

Start recognizing various types of movement and understand how you might incorporate them all into your weekly routine. Remember to keep an internal perspective next time you hit the gym.

Because if you feel good, you look good.

FEEL the difference.

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