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Breakdown of Intuitive Eating Part 3: Intuitive Eating in Action

Becoming an intuitive eater is natural for some, but a process for many. I want to guide you through some basic steps to help guide you further toward finding food freedom through intuitive eating.

If you missed the first two posts in our 3-part series, I encourage you to read the Breakdown of Intuitive Eating Part 1 and the Breakdown of Intuitive Eating Part 2, then come visit me back here for Part 3.

Now that you know what intuitive eating is and what it means for you, here are applicable steps you can take to putting this concept into practice and release the need for chronic dieting.

STEP 1 Acknowledge hunger or desire for food. Ask yourself WHY. Are you genuinely hungry? Are you bored? Are you stressed or upset? Are you "treating yourself"? Identify the root cause. STEP 2 Ask yourself what sounds good. What does your body genuinely want and need? Get curious. Listen to your body. What will benefit you most right now? STEP 3 Recognize your fullness. Understand and determine when your body no longer needs food. Pay attention as your body finds satisfaction and content in the meal. STEP 4 Understand no foods are off limits and that you are allowed to eat when and what you want. Get rid of the "last supper" mentality. Enjoy all foods when your body needs them. Move forward from one meal to the next always honoring your body's needs and wants.

Bottom line: listen to your body and fuel yourself well. Apply proper nutrition and movement, and treat your body like it deserves to be treated!

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