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Breakdown of Intuitive Eating Part 1: What is it?

Intuitive eating is a term that is rapidly gaining popularity - But why? Well it coins the idea of a "self-care eating framework, which integrates instinct, emotion, and rational thought."

Wait what?

Here to help you understand this, sis. Because this concept is actually a fundamental principle in my practice. I take all of my clients through mindset and habit shifts in order to implement intuitive eating practices. So let me explain why this is so important to you.

In layman terms, intuitive eating is the act of honoring your body's wants and needs by listening to hunger and fullness cues, understanding your emotional cues toward food, and acting rationally in your dietary decision-making. Intuitive eating encourages you to fuel your body based on your bioindividuality, your unique requirements and desires, in a non-diet, non-restrictive approach.

Basically you are SERVING your body the way it needs to be served based on your own intuition - Not anyone else's.

So we're essentially taking all food rules and diets out of the equation.


Because here's what happens when you allow your dietary decisions to be influenced by someone or something else:

1. You are unable to build trust with your body, therefore becoming inadequate to serve it properly.

2. You are inadvertently ignoring yourself and your own wants / needs so that you can adhere to guidelines that work for someone else's body.

3. You typically find yourself in a restrictive or toxic relationship with food as you follow rules and guidelines.

4. You find yourself frustrated and maybe even deprived of nutrients and / or happiness.

Think about it - Does it really make sense to allow someone else (more than likely a stranger) to tell you what, how, and when you should eat?

Reality check: You are the best and the ONLY person that can make those decisions for yourself.

And that is exactly what intuitive eating teaches. It warrants a healthy and positive attitude toward food and body.

"Emerging research suggests that intuitive eating is linked to healthier attitudes toward food and self-image, as well as that it can be learned through interventions."

So how do you get started? What exactly does this look like in real life? What steps do you need to take to implement this?

That's coming up in the next post!

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