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body image + pandemic

Updated: May 5, 2020

Body image is a hard thing to navigate in and of itself. It's complicated, complex, unpredictable, annoying, crippling, empowering, day-making or day-breaking. And if you've got a past of disordered eating, EDs, or a negative relationship with food and body, it makes it even worse.

Body image tends to hinge on circumstance. Meaning, how we feel about our body is often greatly influenced by situational factors. That being said, change can be hard on those of us who struggle to love our bodies.

Right now, nothing is normal in our world. We are fighting a global pandemic, trying to reason with what is happening while also attempting to stay well and virus-free. At this time, in order to be proactive and safe, we must abstain from physical social connection, gatherings, shared spaces, and our normal lives. Our routine must be altered to one that reflects working or schooling from home, at-home workouts, social distancing, and a lot (a LOT) of time in one space (namely, home).

So much is changing, and positive body image can be hard when life now involves less movement, zero access to gyms, less face-to-face communication, constantly being around your fridge and pantry, and little change of scenery.

But here's the kicker. And this has taken me literal years to learn and come to terms with.

How you feel about yourself will never be good enough if it is dependent upon circumstance.

Simple as that.

Why? Because things are always changing. That is the one constant in life.

Your body is ever-changing. Just as your circumstances, relationships, and lifestyle are. So basing your self-worth on things that are so unstable only yields disappointment after disappointment.

So where do we go from here? How do we learn to love who we are despite where we are?

It starts with FULLY knowing and believing that you have a greater purpose. You were made for MORE. And your worth it.

So, during this pandemic, which is so uncontrollable and wildly unpredictable, I encourage you to:

1. Get up and get dressed every morning. Put that lipstick on, girlfriend! Own your day.

2. Go outside and get fresh air. Move your body. Walk down the street. Don't stay cooped up indoors!

3. Try to stick to your normal eating habits, while also understanding that canned, frozen, and packaged foods can 100% be a part of a balanced diet.

4. Prioritize self-care and your mental health.

5. Keep yourself busy and productive. Make a schedule for your day!

6. REMIND yourself that your circumstances do not dictate your worth.

7. Stay connected with people that lift you up - Thank God for modern technology!

8. Practice positive self-talk! Give yourself a compliment every single day. Be proud of who you are.

This pandemic will not last forever, but you, sister, are so strong. Show yourself love. Love who you are inside and out. Self-compassion is what we all need.

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