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Beginner's Guide to Food Freedom

“Ugh, I wish that plate of cookies wasn’t sitting there tempting me. I can’t have one!”

“I haven’t eaten all day so I could save up for this meal tonight.”

“I can’t let myself eat just one because if I do I won’t stop.”

Do any of these sound familiar?

I hear this so much from friends, family, or even clients who have yet to fully discover and embrace food freedom.

Have you heard this term before?

Food freedom is the idea that calories, food rules, and diets no longer dictate your food choices, and you are liberated from the restrictions you previously held. It is essentially how we should all approach eating.

However, because of diet culture and society's harsh (and unrealistic expectations of beauty), food freedom is very foreign to many women. Part of my mission is to introduce as many women as possible to the idea of food freedom and equip them with what they need to experience it,

You see, the moment you liberate yourself from over-analyzing food choices and adverting to restrictive diets is the moment you begin enjoying life so fully (and the moment you realize your diet isn’t doing you any favors).

Did you know that the diet and weight loss industry is worth a record $72 BILLION right now?

The irony is that 90-95% of diets don’t work, and over half of the people who diet gain all, if not more, weight back within 1-5 years.

Yet we still try diet after diet, constantly throwing money into a fire for things like meal replacements, Weight Watchers, meal plans, Noom, etc.

What if you could stop dieting and free yourself from the chains of restriction? This could mean balance, eating foods you love, not obsessing over food, and enjoying social experiences again.


You’re on a weekend trip in the mountains w/ friends. you’re eating s’mores, drinking hot chocolate, hanging by the fire, relaxing, and vegging out. ALL the fall vibes happening.

...and guess what ↓

You’re not feeling guilty about what you’re eating.

You’re not worried about falling off a plan or a diet.

You get to enjoy the simple joys without any negativity, self-criticism, or guilt.

This is you experiencing food freedom, no longer weighed down by your diet, program, or plan.

This CAN be you! Here is where I suggest you start as you begin your food freedom journey:

1. Invite “off-limit foods” back into your life, slowly and one-by-one, knowing that food is just food. It isn't the enemy! Food is our sustenance and it is meant to be ENJOYED!

2. Cook new recipes, and cook them with love and intention. Appreciate this effort of serving your body well.

3. Focus on your people and be intentional with your relationships, giving them all of your attention when together at the table or social situations.

4. Reach out for guidance! KGH is always accepting 1:1 clients, and these program are specifically designed to help you navigate food freedom and detach yourself from diets and negative body image. CLICK HERE TO LEARN ABOUT IT!

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