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Basic Kitchen Tools That Everyone Needs in Their Kitchen

You don't have to be a master chef with fancy equipment to eat delicious meals! In fact, elevating your kitchen to the next level doesn't have to be complicated. There are a few must-haves for every kitchen to ensure easy and proper cooking experiences.

Search Amazon, Target, and even TJ Maxx for great deals on these things!


Everyone needs a good set of knives in the kitchen. Choose knives with full tangs, where the blade runs all the way through the metal. Purchase a knife set made from sturdy material so that they will last longer and stay sharp. I also highly recommend a sharpening block or stone to keep knives from getting dull and causing accidents.

2.cutting boards

Your best bet is a wooden cutting board, which is safe for your food and protects your knife blade. You can also find bamboo and plastic boards, but be wary of the plastic as bits can come off in your food.

3.a reliable set of pots and pans

So much can be done on a stovetop, so make sure you've got a set of pots and pans that can do their job well! Stainless steel is the most versatile option, as it can be used on the stovetop and in the oven. Cast iron is going to be your most durable option, and copper is great for temperature control.

4. strainers

These are necessary for cleaning produce, draining grains, and rinsing canned beans. They are also great for storing fruits and vegetables, because the holes allow air to circulate.

5. tongs

Convenient for a variety of things, tongs are a must for the kitchen. Look for tongs that have a lock feature for easy storage.

6. spatulas

Choose a spatula with a long, heat-resistant handle. Slotted spatulas are convenient for draining liquid.

7. wooden utensils

These are gentle on your pots and pans and safe for your food

8. measuring cups

Unless you're savvy enough to add a pinch of this and a dollop of that and whip up a perfectly delicious meal, measuring cups are life-savers. Choose a durable set with a wide variety of measurements.

9. slow cooker

This perfect for easy meals, juicy meats, soups, stews, and dips.

10. food processor

Used to easily chop, grate, slice, shred, puree, grind, and blend. They make preparing food easy and efficient.


A high-quality blender is perfect for smoothies and prevents fiber separation when blending fruits and vegetables.

12.garlic press

...Because chopping garlic is a task that no one loves

13.meat thermometer

This is the best way to cook your meat perfectly. A meat thermometer allows you to check the internal temp of your meat so that you don't over or under cook it.

14. durable pot-holders

You must protect those hands and countertops! storage containers

To properly and safely store leftovers

16. cookbooks

To give you recipe inspo when needed!

17. some good bops

A good playlist makes the biggest difference

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