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4 Ways to Cultivate Confidence

Confidence can be a tricky thing for us to navigate. We tend to experience really high highs and really low lows based on our confidence levels on a given day. However, confidence shouldn’t be circumstantial. It shouldn’t be contingent on external factors.

Oftentimes we get confidence wrong. We distort the concept of embodying confidence, and we carelessly displace the origination of it.

Think about it.

How do you feel when you’re having a good hair day?

When someone gives you a compliment?

When you fit into last season’s jeans?

When someone admires what you do?

How do you feel when your hair isn’t picture perfect?

When you put in so much effort but no one compliments you?

When your body has changed and those jeans no longer fit?

When you hear someone sharing an unfavorable opinion about you?

We have become accustomed to placing our confidence in fleeting, unstable external determinants such as these. We allow our security in ourselves to be determined by our clothes, our looks, our diet, our success, and others’ opinions.

But we’ve got it all wrong.

Confidence is a choice. A choice that derives from a mindset.

It is a demeanor that manifests from choosing to acknowledge and believe your true goodness and worth that comes from within.

Your personality traits. Your abilities. Your characteristics. Your individuality.

Things that are stable and unshakable. Innate characteristics that you uniquely possess.

Confidence isn’t earned. It’s already within you.

You have the choice to embody confidence by embracing who you are


hoping confidence will happen as a result of your efforts to please others.

Here are 3 things you can start doing today in order to cultivate that confidence that breeds within you.

1. Define confidence for yourself - What is your definition of confident. When you feel most confident. Is that in line with external factors or internal characteristics?

2. List our your strengths, unique qualities, and personality traits - Write down the things that make you who you are. Are you proud of these things? Are you using these to carry our your purpose on Earth every day? How can you embody these things more fully?

3. Determine what it will take for you to place your value in something other than appearance and opinions - How can you proudly tap into your full potential? How can you show up for others well? Where can you invest your thoughts?

4. REMIND yourself of these things consistently - Facilitate that confident mindset on a daily basis.

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