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My favorite thing about being a certified health coach is meeting people like YOU! People who are so eager to change their lives, step away from the guilt, and learn to love their bodies again. I am here to help you create a healthy life of balance and acceptance through proper nutrition information, body image healing, professional recommendations and guidance, and consistent accountability. Basically, I'm here to help you live your best life (seriously).

I used to live a life of self-hate, food restriction, draining workout regimes, and a lack of confidence. You can read more about my story here. But I tell you this because I want you to know that I have been in your shoes, and I have found peace, balance, and soaring confidence. And you will, too! Does a life of freedom from the bondage of food and body image sound as liberating as taking your bra off at the end of a long day? I promise it's even better ;-)


my mission

I believe that everyone is deserving of good food and a balanced diet that meets each individual's specific needs.

I believe that nutrition should be simple, sustainable, and enjoyable.


I believe in balance in all things, without restriction.


Every woman deserves to discover that place of happiness and optimal health, free from societal standards, diets, and a toxic relationship with food.

That's why I'm devoted to helping and encouraging women on their journey to becoming their best self through healthy, balanced eating. My mission is to equip women with the knowledge, guidance and resources needed in order to live that life with ease.


With a world so focused on diet culture and idealized body types, the concept of health has become tainted and misleading.


Eating should be stress-free and enjoyable. Our bodies deserve essential nutrients and fuel. Health and nutrition is multi-faceted and highly individualized. I'm here to teach you and guide you through all of it.

a few of my faves:

FAVORITE ACTIVITY: _____________________________


FAVORITE FOOD: _________________________________


FAVORITE TV SHOW: ______________________________

grey's anatomy

FAVORITE SEASON: _______________________________


FAVORITE BOOK: _________________________________

the nightingale by kristen hannah

FAVORITE WEEKEND ACTIVITY: ____________________



my personal journey to freedom

street cred

Training and Certification 

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York City, Professional Training and Certification Program


over 100 dietary theories

food politics

raw foods and superfoods

sustainable agriculture and organic foods

plant-based nutrition

calorie density and volumetric

sleep, caffeine, and adrenal health

gut health

food science

genetics, macrobiotics, and balanced energy

mind-body medicine

food, body image, and disordered eating

hormone health

sexual health

women's health


Certification and Accreditation

American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) Board Certified and Accredited Member



Holistic Health Articles and Newsletters Used for distribution to clients and email subscribers 

Institute for Integrative Nutrition Online Blog

The Pantry Doctor Blog

Appearances / Interviews

The YoPro Know Video Interview

Pure Balance Athens Takeover

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