it's time to find freedom

Ready to get your confidence back? To feel liberated? Sister, I feel you. I was you. I used to have a very restricting and controlling relationship around food. I also believed I had to engage in grueling workouts every day. I operated from a place of self-hate and lack of confidence. I didn't understand how to listen to my body and align my choices with the information my body was giving me. Unable to recognize this, I eventually fell victim to an eating disorder and years of struggle.  

I knew there had to be a better, happier way of living. I longed to love myself again, to not fear food, and to be free in my decision-making. My own journey to freedom is what has consistently inspired my mission as a health coach as I work to change the conversation around food and body. 

Helping you navigate your own freedom journey through mindfulness, proper nutrition, and body image healing is my first priority. You're not looking for a one-size-fits-all approach. You're looking for something that will meet your needs and adhere to your lifestyle. You want something that can show you how to appreciate and love your body again. Something that you can be consistent with. You're looking to get rid of the frustration and guilt.

You deserve more than what you are currently experiencing. Together we will work toward discovering balance and freedom, making peace with food and body, and exploring an intuitive approach so that you can soar with confidence. Freedom is possible. Your journey starts here.




An immersive, comprehensive, and high touch private coaching program to help women achieve their optimum health through flexible nutrition and body image healing.



a 90-day group program for women who are seeking basic knowledge and guidance to start their health transformation.

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